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Is it a Cheetah?

by Stephanie S. Tolan

It's a tough time to raise, teach or be a highly gifted child. As the term "gifted" and the unusual intellectual capacity to which that term refers become more and more politically incorrect, the educational establishment changes terminology and focus.

Giftedness, a global, integrative mental capacity, may be dismissed, replaced by fragmented "talents" which seem less threatening and theoretically easier for schools to deal with. Instead of an internal developmental reality that affects every aspect of a child's life, "intellectual talent" is more and more perceived as synonymous with (and limited to) academic achievement. Keep reading...

The Curious Case of Impostor Syndrome

by Ian at Brydseed

It’s easy to assume that our brightest students are confident and capable, bursting with self-esteem. However, high self-expectations and surprising insecurities cast a long shadow over their accomplishments. Keep reading...

10-year-old college sophomore has bigger plans next fall

by Boyd Huppert

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — If we told you a 10-year-old feels at home in a high school precalculus class, you might be impressed.

But Elliott Tanner isn’t just keeping up with college-bound high school students. He’s tutoring them.

“I just take great pleasure in teaching people,” Elliott says.

Moments later, Elliott spins in a dizzying circle as 10-year-olds are prone to do. Keep reading...

Managing Perfectionism: 10 Tips for Helping Your Child

by Colleen Kessler

As parents, we want our children to excel. We want them to strive for excellence, and to feel accomplished with a job well-done. Whether it’s their education, music lessons, dance, performance, or any other skill they’re pursuing, we teach our kids to aim high and master new things from an early age.

Gifted children know this expectation well. Because they rarely struggle with anything they attempt early on, we set high standards for them. After all, striving for perfection in the sense of learning to excel can be healthy and admirable. We just want our children to succeed. Keep reading...

What most parents of gifted children wish they had known about college planning

by Dr. Gail Post

Raising a gifted child is full of surprises. Emotional intensity, asynchronous development, and advocating within the schools, to name a few, become routine challenges most parents face. But just when you think you've got it figured out and life gets a little more predictable, college looms on the horizon. Keep reading...