Professional Development Workshops

(July 12-17,2020- University of Connecticut)

CONFerence, and an instiTUTE with a lot of FRATernity in between. Confratute is geared toward providing educators with research-based practical strategies for engagement and enrichment learning for all students, as well as meeting the needs of gifted and talented students.


(School of Education, Williamsburg, VA)

The Center offers annual opportunities for K-12 administrators, teachers, and counselors.

  • 2E-Twice Exceptional Conference (February 28-29,2020)- The conference focuses on twice-exceptional (high-ability with learning differences or neurodiverse) children both at home and school. The goal of the conference is to provide information, resources, support, and community-building opportunities to educators, administrators, parents, practitioners, counselors, and district personnel.
  • National Curriculum Network Conference (NCNC): (March 26-27)- This annual conference offers sessions on curriculum, instruction, and assessment for high-ability learners. The target audience includes administrators, gifted coordinators, and teachers, as well as other professionals in gifted education.

(April 24-26, 2020)

A Conference Series For and About Highly and Profoundly Gifted Children