HA|GT Courses and Certification

ASU’s online graduate certificate in Gifted Education prepares teachers, school administrators, school psychologists, behavior analysts, and family members to work effectively with gifted children.

  • SPE 572: Testing and Measurement in Gifted Education: MethodsCovers current and historical aspects of testing and measurement in the field of gifted education.

  • SPE 573: Differentiating Instruction for Gifted Learners: Teaching MethodsExplores the design of differentiated curriculum and instruction for gifted learners in elementary and secondary education.

  • SPE 587: Special Populations in Gifted Education: In-depth analysis of major controversies in educating the gifted, including nature/nurture, the role of mental tests, and sex differences.

  • SPE 588: The Gifted Learner: Foundations of Identification, Education and DevelopmentGifted children's characteristics, identification, needs, school and home environments, definitions, and misunderstandings.

  • SPE 589: Teaching the Gifted Learner: Models, Methods, and ProgramsMethods in teaching elementary and secondary school gifted children, including individualized and computer-assisted instruction, team teaching

The online program is designed for those new to gifted education and for experienced educators.

Teaching the Gifted and Talented: Differentiating the Curriculum (EDUC-40099)

Teaching the Gifted and Talented: Recognizing Individual Differences (EDUC-40090)

Strategies for Teaching the Gifted and Talented (EDUC-40101)

Program Development for the Gifted (EDUC-40100)

Differentiation System Design: District Initiatives (EDUC-41382)

Differentiation System Design: School Practices (EDUC-41391)

Differentiation System Design: Classroom Level (EDUC-41429)

Practicum in Gifted and Talented Education (EDUC-41518)